Be a Hogwarts student in Harry's fifth year while Voldemort is back and building up an army to take over the Wizardry World. Which side will you choose?
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 May Vulcan's Introduction

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May Vulcan

May Vulcan

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May Vulcan



Blood type:

Where are you from:
Halifax, West Riding of Yorkshire, England

Physical Description (about 5 lines):
Rather short in stature, May stands at a mere five foot one with vivid blue eyes and a spirit for adventure. Apart from the color of her eyes, she bears a striking resemblance to her older sister, with her fair skin, her high cheekbones, her thin lips and her distinct jawline. As a child, May's hair was short and all over the place; however, as she grew older, her hair grew longer, forcing her to abandon her hair's original scruffy nature - much to her own dismay. With the help of her sister, May eventually learned how to tend to her soft, sleek tresses, as well as other beautification processes. Despite all the makeover tips from Vanessa, the youngest child of Zachary Vulcan and Sasha Mae rarely makes the effort to look like the beauty queen her sister was.

Clothing-wise, May typically wears her school uniform while at Hogwarts. Apart from that, she either dresses casually in mainly neutral colors or she wears the colorful, preppy hand-me-down's that no longer fit her sister.

Bedecked inches above her right elbow is a faint, jagged scar as a result of a flying accident from her childhood.

Psychological Description (about 10 lines):
Having been raised under the Vulcan name, May was expected to be the epitome of intellectual capacity, elegance, self-control and - apparently - "all of the things it took to be a Vulcan"; however, with the constant pressure to upstage her ancestors and more immediate family, she could only do so much with herself, making her feel like the family outcast. Compared to her siblings, May is relatively eccentric, impulsive, competitive, and far from graceful; although at a first glance, she would naturally appear shy and soft-spoken. She was a jack of all trades (and yet master of none).

Whilst May usually acts before she speaks, there is a lot of innocence behind her actions. She is an ambitious dreamer with a heart on her sleeve - a hopeless romantic, if you will, bent on dreaming of the day she can one day make her parents proud while still being true to herself. Though May always seems calm when placed in the public eye, she can also be operatic and intensely emotional behind closed doors, becoming very moody if things do not go her way or if affairs become dire. Despite her over-dramatic flare in the face of turmoil, she is always determined (and usually does - no matter how unorthodox) to find a way out of sticky situations.

Story (about 15 lines):
At the height of the First Wizarding War, May Vulcan was the last of three children born to Zachary Vulcan, who worked with the Hogwarts Board of Governors, and Sasha Vulcan (née Mae). She grew up with her brother Mitchell (seven years her senior) and her sister Vanessa (four years her senior) in the Vulcan Manor in Halifax, England. When she was five years old, Mitchell excitedly attempted to teach May and Vanessa how to fly a broomstick - a result of him making the Slytherin Quidditch team that year. However, due to a fight petty argument between Vanessa and Mitchell, young May was left unsupervised and eventually lost control of the broom, causing her to violently crash into a nearby tree. From her evident failure to learn how to control a broom, an irrational fear of flying spawned.

It was also around this time in May's life when her father abandoned the family forever, leaving her mother in shambles. Sasha eventually (and preposterously) linked the departure of her husband with the birth of her youngest daughter, May, blaming her for everything wrong with the family. Seeing the unjust nature of their mother, Mitchell and Vanessa took it upon themselves to raise their baby sister, teaching her what they learned from their mother's side of the family and from Hogwarts. When both of her siblings left for Hogwarts, May would vacation with her maternal grandparents, where she was taught the Mae family motto: "Let your true green shine."

On her eleventh birthday, May received her acceptance letter to Hogwarts. Despite her insurmountable fear of never being enough to surpass her family's legacies and her parents' nonexistent expectations, May has managed to survive her first few of years with her sister by her side. The year following Vanessa's graduation from Hogwarts, however, left May in quite a shock as the results of the Triwizard Tournament were far from expected and far from what were desired. With the alleged return of the Dark Lord, May knew she had a choice to make before returning back to Hogwarts for her fifth year: side with Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter regardless of her family's unwavering opinion of them or let her true green shine. She knew that no matter what she chose would be the end of her - literally and figuratively!

Wished House:

Password: Mandragoras
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May Vulcan's Introduction
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