Be a Hogwarts student in Harry's fifth year while Voldemort is back and building up an army to take over the Wizardry World. Which side will you choose?
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Auorra Prevell

Auorra Prevell

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Name: Auorra Prevell-Le Fay

Age: 15

Year: 5th year

Blood type: Pureblood

Where are you from: Ramsgate, England

Physical Description (about 5 lines):
Auorra has long, blond straight hair and her eyes are a deep green . She is rather thin and delicate. She looks a bit older than her age because she is quite tall. In the morning, she alofinds herself wondering what to wear; she always wears casual clothes. She usually wear traditional witch clothes

Psychological Description (about 10 lines):
Auorra  has quite a cold temper. She use the rules to her advantage . She hates adventures  and she is very ambitious . She is ready to do anything to get to where she has to be. Her slyness is very useful she lied  her way out of a suspension.She is friends with Draco Malfoy. Speaking of making friends, Auorra is not good at it because she insult people who are muggleborn and half blood . She never gets attached pretty quickly and that never caused her to have a bit of trust issues. She has a cold heart and does whatever to bring her enemies  down.

Story (about15 lines):
Auorra Prevell-le fay was born on october 27th 1980 in Ramsgate, England. Her mother is a witch and her father is a wizard  which make her an pureblood. She has a little cousin  who is also a wizard, but will only start his scholarity at Hogwarts in 1996. She already knew a lot about sorcery, but Auorra discovered that she was a witch when she was about 5 years old, when she accidentally set the house elf on fire becausehe had not followed her orders.When came time for Auorra to go to Hogwarts and be sorted into her house, she was pretty confident . Her mom had also attended Hogwarts and was a part of Slytherin . Her first year in Hogwarts turned out to be pretty quiet, if we do not mention that time when she got locked up into a closet by the weasely twins . The following years went also quite well, except for last year when everything changed for pretty much everybody. Now people were saying Lord Voldemort is back, and Harry Potter brought back Cedric Diggory's body from the Three Wizards Tournement, dead!Auorra know that he was back because voldemort is a distant uncle of her and the family tree flared his name alive again.Her Father attend Salems and is descent of Salazar Slytherin and Rowena Rowenclaw making her able to speak Parseloutge and she know wandless Magic.

Wished house:

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