Be a Hogwarts student in Harry's fifth year while Voldemort is back and building up an army to take over the Wizardry World. Which side will you choose?
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 Mercedes Brandy's Introduction

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Mercedes Brandy

Mercedes Brandy

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Mercedes Brandy


Fifth Year

Blood Type:
Muggle born witch (perhaps half blood)

Where are you from?:
Kent, England

Physical Description:
Mercedes has dark brown frizzy hair that falls halfway down her back but is usually kept 'tamed' in a ponytail. She has very dark brown eyes and dark/tanned skin due to her mixed heritage. She is rather short at five foot three with a slightly chubby body which could be called curvy or an hourglass figure. The few features other than her hair that make her identifiable in a crowd are the beauty spot on her right cheek beside her nose and the treble clef tattoo below her little finger on the side of her left hand.

Although she regularly paints her fingernails and is never seen not wearing earrings and other jewellery, Mercedes would not class herself as a
'girly girl'and will only wear dresses or skirts when absolutely necessary. However she likes to wear shorts whenever given the chance. Usually, she wears simple skinny jeans and baggy jumpers but during the Summer months, Mercedes prefers to wear tank topsĀ and flip flops. Because of her hight, she owns several pairs of wedge heeled trainers to add a couple more inches.

Psychological Description
Mercedes is very shy and prefers the company of animals and books than that of people and will never usually makes the first move in any relationship. That being said, Mercedes is very loyal to the few friends she has and will do anything for them and is often used as a shoulder to cry on. She is not particularly trusting but very trustworthy. Due to her shy nature, she often misses out on chances to truly speak her mind and can find herself being used as a doormat in some situations. In most cases, she puts more effort into her relationships than is received.

Mercedes is very intelligent but quiet and modest about it. She does not like to be the centre of attention but she genuinely enjoys learning and reading. She is typically rather emotionally guarded but sometimes takes little comments to heart. She is not necessarily insecure about her body image but Mercedes would never believe it if she received a compliment. Most of the time, she will put others before herself but can occasionally be pushed too far and have to put herself first.

Her deadliest fears are spiders and heights. She loves to watch Quidditch but could never force herself to ride a broomstick again.

Mercedes' mother is Alice Fagen, a muggle, who raised her single-handedly. Her mother hasn't told her anything about her father except that she shares his last name. For all she knows, he could have been a wizard himself. Mercedes constantly wears a gold bracelet he left before she was born around her right angle. She and her mother are quite close and she has no intention of meeting her birth father. Because her mother was English and her father was from the Caribbean (hence her dark skin tone), Alice Fagen's parents disowned them and she has no other family.

Her mother realised there was something not quite right about Mercedes when she was five years old and was spotted floating between the floor and the kitchen counter. She had accidentally fallen but was kept from hitting the ground by her magic.

Upon receiving her Hogwarts' acceptance letter, her mother was very supportive of Mercedes, however, because her mother is a muggle, she avoids telling her details about her life at Hogwarts. She sends weekly letters about her grades and friends but has never once told her any of the wonderful things she has learnt about spells and magical creatures.

Mercedes whole-heartedly believes Harry Potter's claim that Lord Voldemort has returned and up until he brought back Cedric Diggory's body, she didn't feel the same fear the other students felt at the mention of His name. She fears that the school will be very different when she returns after the Summer break but hopes that everything will carry on as normal. Well as normal as Hogwarts can in any case.

Wished House:
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Mercedes Brandy's Introduction
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