Be a Hogwarts student in Harry's fifth year while Voldemort is back and building up an army to take over the Wizardry World. Which side will you choose?
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 Cressida Lerwick's Introduction

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Cressida Lerwick

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PostSubject: Cressida Lerwick's Introduction   Cressida Lerwick's Introduction EmptyFri Sep 12, 2014 5:57 pm

Cressida Lerwick


5th year

Blood type:

Where are you from:  
Wiltshire, England

Physical Description (about 5 lines):
Cressida has shoulder length brown hair that she often keeps tied back in a ponytail so it stays out of the way and brown eyes.  Her skin is slightly pale, and she doesn't tan very easily.  

The young witch stands at about five foot two with an average body build that is usually labeled with the word "petite."

Cressida is definitely not a girly-girl by any means and can almost always be seen in comfortable clothing like T-Shirts that might be too long for her, tank tops, jogging pants or khaki's.  Cressida is not a not a fan of skirts, but will wear them if she has to.

Psychological Description (about 10 lines):
Cressida's more defining personality traits are her lack of tact, brutal honesty and poor social skills.
Ultimately, Cressida is strong-willed, caring and brave and willing to risk her life to help defend her school.

Although she lacks some tact, Cressida does have the ability to come off as consistently sweet, trusting, gentle, intelligent and caring person but is also known to be somewhat naive and painfully shy around people she likes.

If you get on her good side, Cressida can be incredibly loyal and supportive to those around her and is usually very slow to anger. But like everyone, Cressida has her limits when pushed too far.

When nervous, Cressida is also prone to emotional and senseless babble.

Story (about 15 lines):
Cressida was born to Fallon and Simon Lerwick.  Both of Cressida's parents studied magic.  Her mother Fallon was a pure-blood witch who attended Beauxbatons Academy of Magic while her father attended Hogwarts and was sorted into Slytherin during his first year.  The two met during a Triwizard Tournament at the Yule Ball event.

In her spare time, Cressida studies magic and enjoys trying to perform it on her own.  Because she couldn't fit in with Muggles, the young witch would always be off by her lonesome either practicing or spending time with her mother who allowed her to use her wand until Cressida could get her very own.

Aside from having powers, Cressida is an average girl who likes to do normal things like listen to music or write in her diary.  She loves animals, and was elated to discover that she could have one while attending Hogwarts.  

Cressida definitely has a closer relationship with her mother, this being because during her father's time at Hogwarts, he became a Death Eater.  She saw the Dark Mark on his arm and rather than question him about it, did some research on it herself.  She still converses with her father, but secretly considers him to be a coward.

Wished house:
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Albus Dumbledore
Albus Dumbledore

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PostSubject: Re: Cressida Lerwick's Introduction   Cressida Lerwick's Introduction EmptyTue Sep 16, 2014 10:41 am

Welcome to Hogwarts Smile I will change your username you just got to pick a celebrity and create your avatar then you will be sorted Smile
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Cressida Lerwick's Introduction
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