Be a Hogwarts student in Harry's fifth year while Voldemort is back and building up an army to take over the Wizardry World. Which side will you choose?
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 Draco Malfoy's Introduction

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Draco Malfoy

Draco Malfoy

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PostSubject: Draco Malfoy's Introduction   Thu Sep 04, 2014 4:27 pm

Name:Draco Malfoy

Age: 15

Year: 5th

Blood type: pure

Where are you from: England

Physical Description (about 5 lines):
His eyes cold as ice as he stares at you leaving you shivering with anxiety. Grey metallic at first sight without any welcoming feeling at all, but when he’s in good company, his eyes turn blue and sparkle of a sly light that brings a bit of warmth in. His face is drawn of very smooth traits and light reflects on his white skin as it is made of porcelain. His lips often takes the shape of an evil grin that paralyzes along with a crafty smile. Impeccably styled hair as blond as white falls down his face. Thin, proud and classy silhouette, everything in him inspire fear and distrust, but also curiosity. His beauty is as irritating as his behavior, and almost all the girls fall for him. He usually speaks on a very impartial tone, almost disgusted and his voice will freeze you to your bones. Of course, when Draco doesn’t wear his robes, he only wears high class clothings. The most precious fabrics; there is no way people would ever compare him to a muggle!

Psychological Description (about 10 lines):
Draco is not, properly speaking, a model of virtue. Pride lives in his heart along with an unsatisfiable thirst for power which his family has fond for a very long time now. The young teenager strongly tempts to play from the quality of his roots in order to give himself a certain renown among the students in Hogwarts especially among girls who are majoritary not unmoved by this. Pretentiousness and slyness are part of the main caracteristics people mention when they talk about him. If he sometimes appears as a coward, he can just as much be strong and persistent. He likes to stand out and crush those he does not consider  as real wizards, such as muggle borns whom he calls mudbloods and even a few half-bloods as well. Determined to achieve his goals, he will not hesitate to use his charm and intelligence to manipulate people at will. As much as he appreciates being feared and respected, he is able to reckon that someone is trying to crush him one way or another. Which is why he devotes a very particular hateful feeling towards Harry Potter whom he is secretely jealous of regarding his qualities as a wizard which he will never acknowledge.

Story (about15 lines):
It was a beautiful day of June, on June 5th, 1980 more precisely that in Wiltshire, close to Stonehenge, young Draco was born. His parents, Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy were charmed of this splendid baby. The childhood of the young man proceeded without any problem. Only child, Draco was brooded by his mother. There wasn’t any way for him to be educated by any children's nurse or any idiot of a tutor. It was Narcissa who dealt personally with the education of her kid. Draco was cherished by his mother who was so devoted in taking care of him as he was the apple of her eyes. He grew up in a residence where is family taught him, at a very early age, many prohibited magic spells for the majority, in particular thanks to his aunt. Yes, his terrible aunt Bellatrix Lestrange whom he hardly knew. Draco has another aunt, Androméda Tonks but being too good for the family, it is to better doing as if she did not exist. Draco is cousins with Regulus and Sirius Black as well as Nymphodora Tonks, but either he did not know them, or they do not exist in his eyes. His powers were revealed at a yong age. when he turned 5 years old, the little brat acted out as a spoiled child for he did not get the gift he absolutely wanted among 50 others. Suddenly, all that was close to him was projected further all around the room, while the lights of the Manor were briefly extincted. When the light returned, Draco stood in front of both his parents who were amazed and majorly pride of their son, who had just proven that he belonged to the wizards community. In the end, instead of being punished, he was congratulated.

There was no surprise for the family when Draco recieved his acceptance letter to Hogwarts on his Eleventh birthday. Lucius and Narcissa were excited and so proud to take their son to the platform where he took the train off to his new school. Once again, there was no suprise to anyone for Draco to be sorted into the Slytherin house. Overall, his years spent at Hogwarts were all anything but ordinary. Between running from a troll, walking in the halls scared of being petrified, being attacked by an hippogriff and witnessing one of his fella students’s dead body, Draco has only one person to blame and that is Harry Potter.  

Wished house: Slytherin
pw: mandragoras
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Albus Dumbledore
Albus Dumbledore

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PostSubject: Re: Draco Malfoy's Introduction   Thu Sep 04, 2014 4:45 pm

Welcome to Hogwarts Draco! I do not think I have to let the sorting hat tell you where you will be sorted, but I will wait for it to reply before putting you into the slytherin group. Your introduction is perfect by the way! Have fun ^^
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Sorting Hat

Sorting Hat

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PostSubject: Re: Draco Malfoy's Introduction   Thu Sep 04, 2014 5:48 pm

without any hesitating...

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PostSubject: Re: Draco Malfoy's Introduction   

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Draco Malfoy's Introduction
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